You would like to improve your team’s performance?


No problem with teamfixx!


Increasing time pressure has become common reality.


There is little time available when it comes to working on difficult situations.


The question is whether changes are possible withvery little time available?


The teamfixx answer is:


"Yes, it is possible!”



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What is teamfixx?


teamfixx is a method to address complex and difficult situations. It can provide clarity with regard to the next steps very quickly.


teamfixx is the result of a combination of

  • decades of practical experience in accompanying and developing teams as well as
  • scientific findings of researching mediative and collective competences.

teamfixx is suitable for teams who are interested in increasing their effective and result oriented actions.

Typical cases:

  • A newly put together team is supposed to deliver strong performance as soon as possible
  • Open or latent conflicts prevent the team from performing well
  • A team is no longer working well without knowing the reason why
  •  The team is already working well together and is looking for ways to further increase efficiency

It doesn’t matter how complex and tricky a situation might be - we always guarantee an impact through teamfixx: The team will definitely be fit for work again.

teamfixx costs


We charge costs based on your requirements. We would be pleased to provide you with a personal quote.


Just give me a call, I am happy to answer your questions!


Katrin Ostermeier



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Preconditions for the success with teamfixx


There are three proconditions for the success with teamfixx:

  • Consistency of assignment by both manager and team
  • Transparent expectations of the manager with regard to the result
  • The team‘s willingness to be led through the process

Our approach


We start with a telephone call.

Then you receive an offer in writing.

It describes three steps:


1. Clarification of mandate (1.5 hours)

The framework conditions required for teamfixx are discussed and fixed with the client.


2. Implementation (3 hours)

The team is led through the very structured teamfixx process.
At the end the team have agreed on actions for their everyday work.


3. Efficacy evaluation (1.5 hours)

After 2 to 3 months time the efficacy of the points agreed with teamfixx is evaluated by all parties involved.